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Shoto 6-GFMHR

  • Nominal Voltage : 12 V
  • Rated Power : 390W,15min to 1.67V/cell( 25°C)
  • Internal Resistance (full charged) : 3.4 mΩ
  • Short- circuit Current : 2450 A
  • Self Discharge @25˚C(77˚F) : Less than 8% after 90 days storage
  • Length (mm) : 289
  • Width (mm) : 174
  • Height (mm) : 222
  • Typical Weight (kg) : 28.5

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Shoto 6-GFMHR

Benefits :

  • High rate, can be used in the standby power which less than 15min
  • High consistency, security, reliability and stability
  • Fast charging speed, low self-discharge rate
  • Designed life is 15 years
  • Good anti-high current performance
  • Good anti-over-discharge performance
  • Excellent anti-overcharge performance
  • Good anti-impact performance
  • Excellent anti-vibration performance

Technical Features

  • Double-sided smear, cast welding and other processes strengthen the process control and improve battery consistency
  • High-strength ABS material and patented sealing technology ensure the normal use of the battery without leakage, expansion and rupture
  • Corrosion-resistant alloy and stamping process greatly extend the battery life

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