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Shoto 5.12kWh Lithium-Ion Battery

  • Nominal Capacity (kWh) : 5.12
  • Charge Voltage (V) : 57.6
  • Discharge Voltage (V) : 48
  • Nominal Voltage (V) : 51.2
  • Max Parallel Quantity (Pcs) : 16
  • Length (mm) – 420
  • Width (mm) – 442
  • Height (mm) – 133
  • Typical Weight (kg) – 43


Spec Sheet


Shoto 5.12kWh Lithium-Ion Battery

Features :

  1. The temperature in the cabinet should be in the range of 15 to 35 degree Celsius. The cumulative duration of the battery temperature in the range of 35 to 45 degree Celsius must not exceed 100 hours per year.
  2. The battery can be used for floating or cyclic scenarios, and the cycles number shall not more than 700 times per year.
  3. The depth of discharge of battery should be limited, which means that the discharge voltage of the battery cannot be lower than 40V.
  4. The charge parameter settings should be as under:
    • Charge Voltage: 57.6V
    • Maximum Charging Current: 0.5C10 A
    • Parameters not claimed here shall be set in accordance with requirements of User Manual and Product Specification of SHOTO
  1. The battery should be recharged within 48 hours after each discharge. For a fully discharged battery, if it is not be recharged for more than 72 hours, it will shorten the battery service life, so we will not provide a warranty if this case happens more than 3 times.
  2. SHOTO would replace the battery during warranty period based on faulty block but not as whole string.
  3. SHOTO should not be held responsible for any physical damage, improper installation, handling and damage caused by any disaster.
  4. SHOTO guarantees that the battery remaining capacity is more than 60% its rated capacity within the warranty period.
  5. SHOTO suggests that user should keep and provide the following monthly logs if possible:
    • Number of cycles, duration of each time, the end voltage of discharge, and other recorded data.
    • Ambient and battery surface temperature.
    • The data that buyer thinks is necessary.
  1. Any storage and maintenance of this battery should refer to SHOTO’s User Manual.
  2. The warranty period starts from the date of delivery from factory. This date can be read from the battery’s serial number.

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