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Magneto Super Cap Wall Mount – IMS120

  • Total capacity : 5.5kWh
  • Nominal Voltage : 48V/DC
  • Maximum Charge Voltage : 58.8V/DC
  • Discharge Cut-off Voltage : 37.8V/DC
  • ESR/AC @1KHz 50% SOC : <10mΩ
  • Max. Continuous Charge Current : 100A
  • Length (mm) : 470
  • Width (mm) : 675
  • Height (mm) : 194
  • Typical Weight (kg) : 65

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Magneto Super Cap Wall Mount – IMS120

Why use a Super Capacitor?

Super Capacitors (Super Caps) are the next generation energy storage with advanced performance where it matters most. They have a lifespan of more than 30 years with no capacity degradation.

A high charge and discharge rate with more than 98% round trip efficiency at a 100% depth of discharge make Super Caps the most efficient way to store energy.

How do Super Caps work?

Unlike batteries, Super Caps are manufactured by using a Graphene based composite to store energy electrostatically.

Super Caps store more energy and have higher outputs than batteries. Combined with high performance and long-term stability, they are the ideal safe energy storage technology.


  • Ultra-Long Cycle Life
  • 30 Years Life Expectancy
  • High Charge and Discharge Rate
  • 100% Depth of Discharge
  • >98% Round Trip Efficiency
  • No Capacity Degradation during Lifespan
  • Maintenance Free

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