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Realising that there is a lot of competition in the market, Current Automation decided early on, that the best way to meet customer’s needs was to ensure a high level of in-house stock. Currently, the company has a 2000 square metre warehouse and manufacturing facility in Kya Sands, Randburg, South Africa.This policy of keeping large quantities of stock has paid off and today has more than USD 2 million invested in stock. The product sales growth of imported and local products is growing at 15~20% per year, regardless of the world economics.

Why switch to Lithium-Ion technology?

Fast charging minimizes downtime, and lithium’s high rate of discharge is perfect for a burst of power. Lead-acid batteries must be charged in stages over a longer time, and they perform inefficiently during high discharge periods, making them less versatile than their lithium counterparts.

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Renewable energy solution:

We can supply a battery energy storage system for your renewable solution. Suitable for your residential and business application

UPS battery solution:

Current Automation can supply the correct battery solution according to your UPS run time requirements

Telecom battery solution:

We will assist in designing the best telecommunication solution for backing up your network equipment.


First thing to determine is whether you need a:

  • Flooded lead acid
  • AGM (absorbed glass mat)
  • EFB (enhanced flooded battery)
  • Lithium

Battery cycles:

The cycle life of batteries is the number of charge and discharge cycles that a battery can complete before losing performance. The depth of discharge is the amount of a battery’s storage capacity that is utilized.

For example, a battery that is discharged only by 20% of its full energy capacity has a much greater cycle life than a battery that is discharged more deeply by 80% of its capacity so that only 20% of its full energy charge remains.


FW12-40 LiFePO4 Battery

Telecom power backup

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