Battery Power Providers


  • Rated Voltage(V) : 288 – 576
  • Rated Capacity(Ah) : 135
  • Cell Model(LFP-3.2V)(Ah) : 135
  • Rate Power(kWh) : 38.88 – 77.76
  • Recommended Current(A) : 68
  • Maximum Charging Current(A) : 135
  • Maximum Discharging Current(A) : 135
  • Length (mm) : 620
  • Width (mm) : 726
  • Height (mm) : 1110 – 1860



The ESS-GRID HV PACK comprises multiple rack-mounted battery modules, allowing effortless installation and removal without the need for cumbersome equipment, thereby reducing both installation time and costs. The high-voltage control box boasts a wide voltage range, supporting an expansion capability ranging from 115.2V to 576V, accommodating up to 10 strings of batteries in parallel. This flexibility empowers customers with varying energy requirements to seamlessly combine products.

The ESS-GRID HV PACK,  offers a scalable solution for residential, commercial, and industrial needs. Customers can rely on its provision of reliable, stable, high-performance, clean, and sustainable power. To underscore our commitment to quality, maximizing the utility of this energy storage battery throughout its lifespan.

Features :

  • Each module utilizes a capacity of 7.7kWh, which is a higher energy density than a 5kWh battery of the same size.
  • Compared to LV systems, HV systems can reduce energy loss by lowering the current value with less energy loss.
  • Using LiFePO4 as the storage core and multi-level control for expansion ensures the safety of each battery function.
  • Each module is designed with a 3U rack battery to meet demanding space requirements.
  • The HV pack is capable of charging and discharging up to 1C , making it ideal for commercial and industrial loads.

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