Battery Power Providers

BSL B-LFP48-80

  • Nominal voltage : 51.2V
  • Nominal capacity : 80Ah
  • Operating Voltage Range : 40V~57.6V
    System Capacity : 4.096KWh
  • Length (mm) : 549
  • Width (mm) : 334
  • Height (mm) : 230
  • Typical Weight (kg) : 45

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BSL B-LFP48-80

Structural Differences in the BSLBATT Golf Cart Series : 

  • Each Cell is Encased in Aluminum
    • Provides dimensional stability
  • Steel Battery Bracket
    • Provides vibration and shock resistance
  • External Heat Sink Keeps
    • BMS cool by providing heat dissipation to outside
  • BMS Bolted to Heat Sink
    • Reduces vibration and prevents accidental faults due to vibration and it extends battery life
  • Bolted Connections to BMS
    • Provides stable mechanical and electrical connections
  • Positive and Negative BusBar
    • Creates an exceptional current collector
  • IP54 Rated Casing
    • Ensures water, dust and splash-resistance

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