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Deye B0S-G

  • Module Energy (kWh) : 5.12
  • Module Nominal Voltage (V) : 51.2
  • Module Capacity (Ah) : 100
  • Working Temperature(°C) : Charge: 0~50/ Discharge:-20~55
  • Communication Port : CAN2.0/RS485
  • IP Rating of Enclosure : IP20


Spec Sheet


Deye B0S-G

Features : 

  •  Convenient
    • Quick installation, standard of 19-inch embedded designed module is comfortable for installation and maintenance.
  • Safe and reliable
    • Cathode material is made from LiFeP04 with safety performance and long cycle life, The module has less self-discharge, up to 6 months without charging it on shelf, no memory effect, excellent performance of shallow charge and discharge.
  • Intelligent BMS
    • It has protection functions including over-discharge, over-charge, over-cu rent and over-high or low temperature. The system can automatically manage charge and discharge state and balance current and voltage of each cell.
  • Eco-friendly
    • The whole module is non-toxic, non-polluting and environmentally friendly.
  • Flexible configuration
    • Multiple battery modules can be in parallel for expanding capacity and power. Support USB upgrade,wif upgrade (optional), remote upgrade (Compatible with Deye inverter).
  • Wide temperature
    • Working temperature range is from -20°C to 55°C, with excellent discharge performance and cycle life.


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