Battery Power Providers


  • Nominal Voltage (VDC): 12.8
  • Rated Capacity (Ah) : 100
  • Capacity(Wh) : 1 280
  • Charge Voltage (VDC) : 14.4
  • Continuous Charge Current (A) : 50
  • Length (mm) : 300
  • Width (mm) : 173
  • Height (mm) : 220
  • Typical Weight (kg) : 15



The Pylontech RV12V Series are the newly developed all-purpose lithium ion battery modules, which can be used for energy storage as well as starting. With the cutting edge LFP (Lithium iron Phosphate) cell, embedded BMS (Battery Management System) and mechanical design, Pylontech RV12V Series product provides inherent safety, extreme high reliability and zero maintenance. Comparing to the same capacity lead-acid based batteries, it has more than twice of the usable capacity, more than 3 times of the life cycle, but only about 40% of the weight. It is a prefect replacement to the lead acid based batteries in the applications such as marine, RV, golf carts and solar storage. RV12V Series product will bring you the perfect experience in different applications.


  1. Twice the useable capacity(comparing to the same capacity of FLA/AGM/GEL)
  2. Deep Cycle(Auto cut off at 10V)
  3. Calendar life 10+ years, cycle life 3000 times.
  4. High charging current.
  5. Embedded BMS.
  6. Dual lug terminals.
  7. Zero maintenance.
  8. Working temperature -20C to 60C
  9. Rugged mechanical design.

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