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PYLON SC1000-200J-C

  • System Operation Voltage (Vdc) : 0~1000
  • Operation Current (Max.) (A) : 148
  • Self-consumption Power-Relay Off (W) : 6
  • Self-consumption Power-Relay On(W) : 15
  • Length (mm) – 628
  • Width (mm) – 330
  • Height (mm) – 150.5
  • Typical Weight (kg) – 13


Spec Sheet


PYLON SC1000-200J-C

The PYLON Battery Controller SC1000-200J-C is a device designed to monitor and manage battery systems. It is manufactured by Pylon Technologies Co., Ltd., a Chinese company that specializes in the development, production, and marketing of energy storage systems.

The SC1000-200J-C is designed for use with Pylon’s US2000B and US3000 residential battery storage systems, and can be used to monitor the state of charge, voltage, temperature, and other parameters of the battery. The device is capable of communicating with other devices and systems using a range of protocols, including Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, CAN, and RS485.

The SC1000-200J-C includes a number of features designed to protect the battery system and ensure its safe and efficient operation. These include overcharge and over-discharge protection, as well as protection against short circuits, reverse polarity, and overcurrent.

The device is designed for easy installation and can be connected to a variety of external devices, such as inverters, chargers, and energy management systems. It is also compatible with a range of third-party monitoring and management software, allowing users to access and control their battery systems remotely.

Overall, the PYLON Battery Controller SC1000-200J-C is a versatile and reliable device that can help users monitor and manage their battery systems effectively and efficiently.

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