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Magneto EVO280 battery



  • Nominal Energy : 14.4 kWh
  • Nominal Voltage : 51.2 V
  • Nominal Capacity : 280 Ah
  • Standard Charge Voltage : 56 V
  • Max Discharge Current : 200 A – 0.7 C
  • Length (mm) : 830
  • Width (mm) : 490
  • Height (mm) : 240
  • Typical Weight (kg) : 120


Magneto EVO280 battery

The Magneto Evo280 lithium iron phosphate battery is designed to enhance energy storage solutions for users of photovoltaic power systems through parallel integration. During daylight hours, surplus energy generated by photovoltaic panels can be efficiently stored within the battery. This stored electrical energy serves as a valuable resource during nighttime periods or whenever power is required, ensuring a continuous and stable supply to electrical equipment. This capability not only optimizes the efficiency of photovoltaic power generation but also facilitates peak load management and acts as a reliable backup during emergencies.

The Magneto Evo280 lithium iron phosphate battery is seamlessly compatible with Victron inverters, offering a robust solution for energy storage integration in photovoltaic systems. This compatibility ensures efficient utilization of solar-generated power by storing excess energy in the Evo100 battery during daylight hours. The integration with Victron inverters enables smooth and reliable operation, allowing stored energy to be readily available for use during periods of low sunlight or high demand. The Evo100 battery’s compatibility with Victron inverters this represents a versatile and dependable option for sustainable energy storage solutions.

Features EVO280:

  •  Built in protection for over-charge, over-discharge and over-temperature.
    • High cycle life and service life.
    • High performance lithium cells.
    • Advanced BMS with multiple inverter brand software preloaded.
    • CAN & RS485 Bus, fully integrates and communicates with leading Inverter brands (Victron, DEYE, Sunsynk, Growatt, Solis, Goodwe, LUXPower, MUST, Voltronic, SMA and more).
    • Excellent high temperature performance.
    • High energy density and conversion efficiency.
    • Low self discharge.
    • Easy wall mount with wall bracket included.
    • Heavy duty side handles for easy handling.
    • Double connection points for positive and negative terminals for easier power cable installation.
    • Can parallel BMS communication up to 8 units.

Battery Pack Accessories

  • Model :  H-Bracket
    • Details : Simple Wall mounting bracket for easy installation.
  • Battery CAN communication cable
    • Details : for communication with Deye/Sunsynk Solis , Luxpower Inverters.
  • Battery Manual
    • Details : Installation manual.
  • Battery parallel communication cable
    • Details : For communication between parallel batteries.
  • Battery RS 485 communication cable
    • Details : for communication is Voltronic Inverters.


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