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Leoch LFeLi-48100W1

  • Nominal voltage : 51.2 V
  • Nominal capacity : 100Ah @ 0.2C, 25ºC
  • Maximum continuous charge : 50A/100A @ 25ºC
  • Maximum charge : 57.6 V/43.2 V
  • Cycle life : 5000 cycles @ 25ºC 80% DOD
  • Number of parallel connections supported : 16
  • Length (mm) – 450
  • Width (mm) – 140
  • Height (mm) – 500
  • Typical Weight (kg) – 43


Leoch LFeLi-48100W1

LFeLi-48100 is an energy storage module based on a home wall-mounted design. The system uses distributed photovoltaic and wind power generation to provide a household power supply solution . It can effectively realize energy transformation and storage, solve the imbalance between distributed generation and load, improve the stability and utilization rate of renewable energy generation, realize “spontaneous self-use” at the user end, and save electricity costs. The system uses high-efficiency and long-life lithium iron phosphate batteries, and the excellent battery management system can CE UN38.3 UL IEC TUV ensure its life of more than 15 years.

Product features

1. Suitable for standard 19-inch cabinet with rack-mounted design
2. Adopt lithium iron phosphate batteries with safe and long life cycle
3. Maximum charge/discharge up to 1C
4. Friendly human-machine interface
5. Compatible with multiple brands of inverters at the same time


  • High energy density and conversion efficiency
  • Intelligent software anti-theft design
  • Compatible with many inverters
  • Easy maintenance with SOC (charge status) and SOH (health status)


The battery should be stored according to storage requirements, the best storage temperature is 20ºC -30ºC ; Complete charge
and discharge once every 3 months and recharge to 70% of the capacity.


LFeLi-48100W1 chart
LFeLi-48100W1 chart

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