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Freedom won FLH 30/24 Lite Marine

  • Nominal voltage : 52V
  • Total Energy Capacity [kWh] : 30
  • Max/Cont. Discharge Current [A] : 480
  • 80% DoD Energy [kWh] : 24
  • Round Trip Efficiency [%] : 96-98
  • Length (mm) : 1 170
  • Width (mm) : 600
  • Height (mm) : 282
  • Typical Weight (kg) : 254.0




Freedom won FLH 30/24 Lite Marine

  • This range is not designed for direct exposure to salt water such as for above deck on a small boat. The intended use is below deck away from actual water spray. The product is also recommended for use on seaside properties where airborne sea moisture is a corrosion concern. For above deck applications please contact Freedom Won for a solution.
  • Max discharge load (current) duration where lower than continuous – 30 seconds per 40 second cycle. 1.5 x Max overload can be handled for 5 seconds.
  • DC Cables 1,8m long, power cable Red = Positive, Black= Negative, conductors in table refer to one electrode i.e. per positive and negative connections.
  • Charging below 0°C not permitted. Extended time above 45°C not recommended for optimal battery life.

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