Battery Power Providers

Freedom Won LiTE Home 80/64 HV

  • Nominal voltage – 410V
  • Length (mm) – 566
  • Width (mm) – 668
  • Height (mm) – 1 451
  • Typical Weight (kg) – 637



Freedom Won LiTE Home 80/64 HV

  • DoD = Depth of Discharge, recommended up to average daily 80% DoD for extended life, 50% average DoD for ultra-long life. Max allowable DoD is 90%.
  • Voltage suitable for various high DC voltage inverters. Please enquire with Freedom Won for pairing support.
  • Fly Leads 1,8m long (15/12; 20/16; 30/24 HV). Fly Leads 4m long (40/32; 60/48; 80/64 HV). Power cable Red = Positive, Black= Negative, conductors in table refer to one electrode i.e. per positive and negative connections. Longer cables available on request. Multiples of 6mm2 DC cables available on request for inverters fitted with MC4 type connectors for the battery input.


Nominal Voltage (V) 410
Length (mm) 566
Width (mm) 668
Height (mm) 1 451
Typical Weight (kg) 637


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