Battery Power Providers

Balancell P36

  • Nominal voltage : 52V
  • Nominal Capacity : 277Ah
  • Energy : 14.4kw
  • Length (mm) : 740
  • Width (mm) : 323
  • Height (mm) : 302
  • Typical Weight (kg) : 100


Balancell P36

Battery Specifications and Accountability:

  • Real Amp hour Capacity : This is viewable and measurable in the battery history for every discharge throughout lifetime
  • History and Data Logging : All data is recorded for every minute up to 30 years internally (and sent to gateway if online)
  • Energy Output Logging :  The Total Energy Output in kWh, or total lifetime operating hours are all recorded, and visible online
  • End of Warranty : Battery capacity at 80% or more of full nominal capacity
  • Battery Cycle Life : Unlimited cycles up until the total energy output or Calendar time, whichever comes first (100% Depth of Discharge allowed)
  • Recycling – End of Life EnviroServe : Our partner recycling company

Charge Limits - (and charger settings)

  • Maximum Continuous Charging Current : 200A Preferred range is 130A to 200A, set for constant current CC
  • End of Charge Voltage :  56V 55.6V to 56.0V max set as endpoint CV voltage
  • Balancing Charge Voltage or Current : 56.2V 56.0V-56.3V OR charge at constant current (CC) of 400mA
  • Charger Voltage Range :  48V Charger voltage must be within normal 48V limits
  • Battery Maximum Voltage Self Cut Out : 56.4V Battery will cutout, preventing further charging,

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