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Asterion CGD 12100

  • Nominal voltage : 12V
  • Nominal capacity : 100Ah
  • Design life : years 15
  • Technology : AGM
  • Length (mm) : 330
  • Width (mm) : 173
  • Height (mm) : 220
  • Typical Weight (kg) : 30

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Asterion CGD 12100

ASTERION lead-acid batteries of the CGD series are manufactured according to AGM technology (electrolyte absorbed in a fiberglass separator). As part of the active mass, a carbon addition in the form of graphene is used what makes ASTERION CGD batteries resistant to deep discharges and high temperature stability under adverse operating conditions. This series also features an increased number of charge/discharge cycles and duration of operation in heavy-duty systems based on renewable energy sources. The batteries are designed to operate both in buffer and cyclic modes. Recommended for use in autonomous power systems, as well as in conjunction with systems based on alternative energy sources.

Performance & characteristics

  • Long service life;
  • Deep discharge stability;
  • Temperature stability of the battery;
  • Excellent performance at low and high ambient temperatures;
  • Unsurpassed number of charge/discharge cycles;
  • Designed for medium and long discharge periods;
  • Maintenance-free. Do not require distillate topping.


  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Communication and telecommunication systems
  • Solar and wind power systems
  • Autonomous power supply systems
  • Other energy storage systems

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