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Vestwoods VC1220

  • Cell Type  : LFP
  • Nominal Energy : 256Wh
  • Nominal Capacity : 20Ah
  • Discharge Current/Max. Continuous : 20A
  • IP : IP65
  • Length (mm) : 170
  • Width (mm) : 181
  • Height (mm) : 77
  • Typical Weight (kg) : 2.3

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Vestwoods VC1220

The Vestwood Lithium Ion Battery is a standalone li-ion LiFePO4 battery. The battery is in the form factor of traditional lead-acid/agm/gel batteries but offers a greatly enhanced cycle life. Careful attention should be paid to the charging voltages of each type. Always follow exact manufacturer specified voltages and procedures when charging and ensure that a lithium battery compatible charge is used.

Cannot be connected in series

Features (VC1220) :

  • Long Lifespan 4000 cycle
  • Supports parallel use
  • Safe and reliable The safest LFP battery
  • Cell Balancing Extend lifetime of battery > Current >300mA
  • High compatibility, support to connect with lead-acid battery

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