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Trojan T875

  • Nominal voltage – 8V
  • Nominal Capacity – 170Ah(20Hr)
  • Length (mm) – 259
  • Width (mm) – 179
  • Height (mm) – 283
  • Typical Weight (kg) – 29


Spec Sheet


Trojan T875

TROJAN’S INDUSTRIAL LINE of deep-cycle batteries is the newest addition to Trojan’s lineage of high-quality flooded batteries. The Industrial line is engineered specifically to support renewable energy systems with large daily loads where the batteries are cycled regularly. These high amp-hour capacity batteries are ideal for use in large off-grid photovoltaic (PV) systems, off-grid hybrid PV systems, grid-tied PV systems with battery backup, smart grid peak shifting systems and a variety of other applications. Tested to meet industry standards, the Industrial line features advanced battery technologies that deliver reliable power and is housed in a dual container construction for enhanced battery protection. Trojan’s Industrial line is the perfect combination of performance and function.


Nominal Voltage (V) 8
Nominal Capacity (Ah), 20Hr 170
Length (mm) 259
Width (mm) 179
Height (mm) 283
Typical Weight (kg) 29


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