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Fiamm SMG 330

  • Nominal voltage – 2V
  • Nominal Capacity – 300Ah
  • Length (mm) – 145
  • Width (mm) – 206
  • Height (mm) – 407
  • Typical Weight (kg) – 26.6


Spec Sheet


Fiamm SMG 330

Part of the impressive SMG catalogue, the SMG330 is a OPzV 2V 330Ah cell offering an extremely reliable solution for essential rail and airport power support equipment, telecoms, power plants and major backup power applications requiring a heavy duty battery system to provide essential DC power support even in environments that can be subject elevated ambient temperature and remote site locations with limited access for maintenance.

The SMG330 has been developed to provide a wide selection of impressive of features which include tubular positive plates using electrolyte immobilised in gel to provide excellent cycling performance, a maintenance free and non spillable design with a high reliability post seal (pictured), deep discharge prevention technology and an 18 year design life to ensure system longevity. The SMG330 represents a premium OPzV cell manufactured to meet the highest industrial standards required by major organisations and modern businesses.


  • The positive tubular grid is composed of a special alloy (Pb-Sn-Ca) which is die-cast to guarantee high corrosion resistance
  • The electrolyte is immobilized into GEL structure due to a special silica binding addition
  • Separators have extremely high porosity and provides very low internal resistance
  • ABS cases flame retardant and classified to UL94 V0 with LOI >28% standard for 12V and available on request for 2V cells
  • The vent plug comprises an exhaust valve and porous flameproof disc for a superior safety
  • The metallic threaded insert on terminals ensure the highest conductivity and provides maximum torque retention and easy installation
  • The connecting bolt is fully insulated but with probe hole on the top to grant electrical measurements (2V only)

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