Battery Power Providers

Royal DC27

  • Nominal voltage – 12V
  • Nominal Capacity – 80Ah
  • Length (mm) – 300
  • Width (mm) – 172
  • Height (mm) – 240
  • Typical Weight (kg) – 23.7


Spec Sheet


Royal DC27

No Need for Distilled Water

  • Delkor batteries use special alloy calcium lead for minimal fluid loss (less than 1/10 of other batteries) meaning that there is no need to replenish distilled water throughout the life of the battery.

Strong Charge

  • The use of calcium alloy grids and low resistance envelope separators means that Delkor batteries have 20% improved charging ability compared to other batteries, even during intense heat or cold.

Low Rates of Self-Discharge

  • Calcium alloy grids provide prompt turnover even after long periods of standing.

Mounted Hydrometer

  • A mounted hydrometer allows you to check the status of the battery.

Long Life

  • pecial alloy grids prevent corrosion and extend the life of the battery (with) making it the economically practical choice.

The local action of conventional lead-antimony batteries, due to the effects of the antimony ions during battery use, electrolyzes battery fluid (electrolytes) into oxygen and hydrogen to deplete the battery of fluid. In such conventional batteries, users need to replenish the battery with distilled water or risk the deterioration of battery performance and life Delkor batteries, however, use a special alloy calcium-lead, which leads to extremely low levels of fluid loss. As long as the charging system of the car remains error-free throughout the life of the battery, there is no need to supplement the battery with distilled water.


Nominal Voltage (V) 12
Nominal Capacity (Ah), 20Hr 80
Length (mm) 300
Width (mm) 172
Height (mm) 240
Typical Weight (kg) 23.7


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