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PYLON SC500-100S

  • Controller Working Voltage(Vdc) – 60~600
  • System Operation Voltage(Vdc) – 60~600
  • Charge/Discharge Current(Max.)(A) – 100
  • Self-consumption Power(W) – 8
  • Length (mm) – 442
  • Width (mm) – 390
  • Height (mm) – 132
  • Typical Weight (kg) – 8.5


Spec Sheet


PYLON SC500-100S

The PYLON SC0500 HV Controller is a Battery Management System (BMS) designed for use in high voltage battery systems, typically used in electric vehicles or energy storage systems. The BMS is responsible for managing the charge and discharge of the battery cells, ensuring their safety and longevity.

The SC0500 model is capable of controlling a 3.5 kW power output and is designed to work with lithium-ion batteries. It features multiple communication interfaces, including CAN, RS232, and RS485, allowing for integration with a variety of different systems.

The BMS also includes advanced features such as overvoltage and undervoltage protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, and temperature monitoring. These safety features ensure that the battery system is protected from damage and prevent any potential safety hazards.

Overall, the PYLON SC0500 HV Controller is a high-quality BMS that is suitable for use in a wide range of applications, providing reliable and safe management of high voltage battery systems.



Controller Working Voltage(Vdc)60~600
System Operation Voltage(Vdc)60~600
Charge/Discharge Current(Max.)(A)100
Self-consumption Power(W)8
Length (mm)442
Width (mm)390
Height (mm)132
Typical Weight (kg)8.5



Protection and Alarm :

  • Charge/Discharge End
  • Charge Over Voltage
  • Charge/Discharge Over Current
  • High/Low Temperature
  • Operation Record
  • Administrator Monitor: Current, Voltage, Temperature, SOC&SOH.

Management and Monitor

  • Cells Balance
  • Intelligent Charge Model
  • Capacity Retention CalculateIsolation and Protection
  • Alarm and Protection

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