Battery Power Providers


  • Nominal voltage – 2V
  • Nominal Capacity – 1500Ah
  • Length (mm) – 265.5
  • Width (mm) – 229
  • Height (mm) – 555
  • Typical Weight (kg) – 93


Spec Sheet



The EosG range of gel technology batteries offers outstanding performance including a 15+ years design life. The EosG series batteries is designed based on the Eos series, using the polymer gel electrolyte. Built to the highest standards and compliant with the latest IEC60896- 21/ 22 standard. this range also offers 100% capacity out- of- the- box and is capable of handling deep discharges for complete peace of mind. The use of flexible connnectors and the ability to be installed both horizontally and vertically allows for multiple installation possibilities.



Nominal Voltage (V) 2
Nominal Capacity (Ah), 10H 1.80VPC 20°C 1500
Length (mm) 265.5
Width (mm) 229
Height (mm) 555
Typical Weight (kg) 93


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