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  • Nominal voltage – 12V
  • Nominal Capacity – 200Ah
  • Length (mm) – 438
  • Width (mm) – 224
  • Height (mm) – 294
  • Typical Weight (kg) – 79.5


Spec Sheet



The Narada 12 REXC-200 Solar Battery from the Narada REXC series, under the name of REX Carbon, is a lead-carbon battery developed from the REX series.

It combines advanced lead-carbon technology and REX VRLA technology. REXC lead-carbon batteries have an extra-long cycle life, especially in a partial state of charge (PSoC) cycle, significantly faster recharge rates and large current discharge performance. The REX Series is mainly designed for energy storage systems and hybrid systems.


Nominal Voltage (V) 12
Nominal Capacity (Ah), 10H 1.80VPC 20°C 200
Length (mm) 438
Width (mm) 224
Height (mm) 294
Typical Weight (kg) 79.5



  • Design life 20 years
  • Combine the advantage of lead-acid battery and supercapacitor
  • Ideal for PSOC cycle application
  • High power, rapid charge/discharge
  • Reduce sulfation of negative plate, excellent recharge acceptance performance
  • Waterproof, anti-salt treatment, shockproof module installation design
  • Comply with IEC60896, IEC61427 etc. standard

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