Battery Power Providers

Narada 12HRL140

  • Nominal Voltage : 12V
  • Rated Capacity : 140 W/cell(15 minute rate, 1.67 V/cell) and 34Ah(20 hr to 1.80V/cell) @25C(77F)
  • Float Voltage : 2.27V/cell@25C(77F)
  • Length (mm) : 195
  • Width (mm) : 130
  • Height (mm) : 180
  • Typical Weight (kg) : 10.7


Narada 12HRL140

The HRL range of VRLA batteries with 12+ years design life is perfectly suited to any application which requires a high rate current over a short period. In particular they are ideal for IDC and UPS systems thanks to their optimized performance and a patented post seal design. Meanwhile with excellent uniform battery performance, long deign life wide usage temperature range, HRL series are suit for high ambient temperature.

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