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Hoppecke Sun | Power VL 2 – 730

  • Nominal voltage : 2V
  • Terminal layout : C
  • C100/1.85 V Ah : 730
  • C50/1.85V Ah : 685
  • Length (mm) : 168
  • Width (mm) : 208
  • Height (mm) : 535
  • Typical Weight (kg) : 39.2


Hoppecke Sun | Power VL 2 – 730

sun | power V L is a low- maintenance, vented lead-acid battery, which is perfectly preserved for cyclical use. The tubular plates are made with woven gauntlets, which contain a very high resin content and are used for a long, robust period. The active material in the positive electrode must hold high physical stress in the area of ​​renewables, because the discharges are usually very long and the discharge current is very low; The consequence after discharges is that the active material has to be kept stable in order not to erode.

HOPPECKE is the experienced partner who will guide you in the design and advise you, especially on the charging algorithms of the charger which is used. The product robustness has been provided with standardized evidence (IEC 61427 type test). The longer water filling interval and increasing of the service life can be achieved by using HOPPECKE sun | air.


  • Very high cycle stability and therefore a reliable power source is always available
    Investment protection through the use of sun | air, because with this additional component you need a lower charge factor to fully charge the battery.
  • For you, this means that the battery can be charged faster and more gently

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