12V/1020A Short Circuit (20°C | 68°F)

Length: 181mm
Width: 77mm
Height: 167mm

Spec Sheet
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Discover® EV Series Industrial Batteries provide superior high integrity and reliability for commercial, industrial and private applications. The maintenance-free, thick plate construction, designed for tough applications and repeated deep discharging makes the EV Series the definitive choice for robust Traction applications including Home Medical Equipment (HME), Electric Vehicle, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), Aerial Lifts, Floor Cleaning Equipment, Robotics, Materials Handling, Renewable Energy and Marine / RV applications.


  • Advanced battery designs that exceed Original Equipment Manufacturer requirements.
  • Enhanced alloy Traction heavy duty grids give consistent active material adhesion and corrosion resistance for longer runtime and extended service life.
  • Higher density active material paste to deliver longer runtimes at high discharge currents.
  • Lower specific gravity for reduced heat and cycle life performances.
  • High impact reinforced copolymer and polypropylene cases with flat top designs.
  • Sealed Non-Spillable Maintenance-free technology.
  • 99.9% gas recombination reduces off-gassing and water loss.
  • Multiple battery terminal options and carrying handles available.
  • Excellent for use in environmentally sensitive areas.
  • UL94 recognized flame arresting low-pressure safety vents (UL94 V0 rating available).

Cycle Charge Characteristic