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Blue Nova BN13V-77-1k

  • Nominal voltage – 13V
  • Nominal Capacity – 1000 Wh
  • Length (mm) – 290
  • Width (mm) – 210
  • Height (mm) – 300
  • Typical Weight (kg) – 13


Spec Sheet


Blue Nova BN13V-77-1k

Blue Nova offer high performance, ultra-reliable energy storage solutions. Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFeYPO4) batteries have now become the leading technology in energy storage for the modern world. With transfer efficiencies of more than 96% @C2 charge and discharge rates (or 98% @C10), they deliver 10 times higher turn-around efficiencies than leading lead acid batteries.


Nominal Voltage (V)13
Nominal Capacity Wh @-20˚C to 65˚C1000
Length (mm)290
Width (mm)210
Height (mm)300
Typical Weight (kg)13



  • Cycle life > 7000 cycles.
  • Includes battery management system, cell monitoring and voltage control.
  • Built-in thermal isolator.
  • Integrated with leading solar inverters to insure optimal charging for prolonged battery life.

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