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Balancell PT 520-34

  • Nominal Energy : 144kWh
  • Capacity : 277Ah
  • Nominal Voltage : 520V
  • Discharge Cutoff Voltage : 448V
  • Equalised Charge Voltage : 560
  • Max Continuous Charge Current : 190A
  • Max Continuous Discharge Current : 280A
  • Length (mm) : 650
  • Width (mm) : 850
  • Height (mm) : 1 900
  • Total Weight : § 1.3 Tons


Balancell PT 520-34

The Balancell High Voltage energy storage system PT 520-34 is designed for commercial and industrial applications. The system is locally manufactured, extremely energy dense and highly scalable. Available as a standalone tower or fully customised for use in a MWh container system, making it a versatile energy storage solution for demanding environments.

Features :

  • Energy dense tower in a compact form factor. (Fits through most doorways)
  • Individual modules can be wired in series of up to 10 units per string with unlimited parallel options
  • 1C Discharge rate allowing a pairing of Kwh to kW in a 1:1 ratio.
  • 3C Surge capability during transient periods for up to 30 seconds
  • SaaS platform with live remote monitoring, analytics and alerts
  • Proprietary Battery Management System (BMS) with safety interlock
  • External E-Stop and main DC circuit breaker
  • Touch screen display with battery health status
  • CAN Bus/RS485 communication with a wide variety of inverter model
  • Designed, Manufactured and supported in South Africa
  • Standard tower includes 5 battery modules of either 28.8kwh or 21.4kWh
  • Max 7 battery modules per single tower, more than 7 modules require a second tower configuration
  • Multiple customizations options available

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