Warranty and Service Guidelines

Current Automation will honour all product warranties for 1 year, subject to the conditions mentioned in below forum. Products with warranties greater than 1 year will be returned to the supplier and all cost involved will be for the consumer.

What is and what is not warranty.

Warranty approval can only be decided by our service department; in many cases, it will be clear if a faulty unit broke down outside of warranty.

The following instances are not covered under warranty for inverter & UPS equipment:

Water damage the unit needs to be checked internally and externally.

Presence of dirt and soot inside the unit. Soot is the biggest culprit, as it contains carbon which conducts electricity and will cause damage.

Reverse polarity Reverse polarity is when the negative battery cable is connected to the positive Multi-terminal and vice versa. In general, this is not purposefully mixing the cables, but reverse polarity is caused by a wiring mistake or wrongly labelled cables. Reverse polarity can usually only be detected by a repair agent.

Lightning strikes and power surges Lightning strikes and power surges are not always evident. This can usually only be detected by a repair agent. But in most cases, the customer will tell you about it, or more electrical devices broke down at the same time.

Insects and other pests, even mice can get into the unit and cause a short circuit sometimes even inside the unit. In most cases they are visible after opening the unit and when closely inspecting inside.

Age of unit 
Any unit older than 1 year from date of invoice does not fall under warranty. In a few cases we can decide to cover older units under warranty, but only after communication with the service department. In these cases, the service department can sometimes offer a replacement unit for a discounted price.

Mechanical damage can be anything from clearly dented cases to accidental holes drilled into the casing of the unit, straight through an essential internal part.  Another item that gets easily damaged is the AC and DC connectors. The bolts and screws that make up these connectors are made of copper and can break when excessive force is applied when tightening.

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