Solar & backup systems sizing, liability and limited warranty issues

Solar & backup systems sizing, liability and limited warranty issues

Current Automation always endeavours to assist our client with the best suited solar or backup designs. Unfortunately, we don’t always receive enough information to quote and or complete the correct design due to lack of information from the clients especially if only asked for components.

Programming and setup of equipment are done according to information supplied by the client and not what is always required for the system to function properly. It is therefore very possible that your site may not function properly and we cannot guarantee the correct functionality due to site and setup unknowns.

If a client decides not to purchase a full turnkey solution and opt for components only, Current Automation can only offer a limited component only carry-in warranty and not free site support.

Typical information lacking or not set up correctly, which has an enormous impact on the system’s performance are:

  • Sites coordinates for sun hour calculation.
  • The angle of panels towards the sun. (Winter vs. Summer vs. shading)
  • String combinations.
  • Cable sizing and distance of the panels to the equipment
  • Connectivity of all the items to make a system operational.
  • Site wiring standards (SANS10142 or SANS10108)
  • Communication cables between inverters etc.
  • Fuse sizing.
  • Earthing & lightning protection and placing of these required items.
  • Logged loads i.e. watts per hours over a 24-hour period. (This is critical for hybrid or off-grid systems.
  • Batteries, sizes, and age as well as the relevant discharge curves for them.
  • Mixing old batteries with new batteries.
  • The temperature of equipment in enclosure/room.
  • Temperature and type of batteries.
  • Isolation issues.
  • Low voltage disconnect settings of equipment.
  • Interfacing with generators and controllers
  • Local municipality approvals, grid limiting and meter integration.


(A full turnkey solution defines that all items in the power solution must be purchased and installed by Current Automation and not just a partial supplied list of items.)

Under no circumstances will Current Automation warrant the performance or operational guarantee of a partially supplied non-turnkey solution.


Battery guarantee for systems.

Batteries will be guaranteed for a period as stated by the manufacturer.

This guarantee only covers failures due to faulty design and or components failures have done by the manufacturer.

It is, however, the customer’s responsibility to maintain the equipment as specified in the maintenance manual.

Special initialization procedures and maintenance are required for OPzS / vented batteries and can only be done with a full turnkey solution and or a service level agreement.

A battery guarantee for (component supply) and or (turnkey supply) also does not cover the equipment against operations outside the specified electrical parameters, improper environmental conditions, high room temperatures and lack of ventilation caused by high levels of dust contamination.

Premature failure of batteries, due to over cycling or high temperature cannot be guaranteed due to unknown conditions of charging characteristics vs. D.O.D vs. time of charge vs. low voltage disconnect settings.

Current Automation will under no circumstance take responsibility for batteries supplied by other suppliers operating with our equipment.

Module guarantee.

Panel manufacturer offers a 25-year linear warranty. Please note that Current Automation will offer our service of the testing the panels under a carry-in condition, but claims and replacements will have to be carried by the supplier with their criteria of warranty situations.

In summary, it is possible to assist a client who purchased components only, but our standard call-out rates will apply to assist the system to become functional.