Ritar Battery Warranty

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Hereby we, Shenzhen Ritar Power Co., LTD. kindly declare that below SLA batteries produced by us are guaranteed as:

Standard warranty: 12 months warranty for Deep Cycle battery 12V 33-260AH standby AGM batteries.

Usage Reminder: The warranty period is granted from ex-factory date code on battery casing, it is only valid for manufacturing defective under float charge or security use on following conditions: 1) Maintaining an average daily temperature not higher than 25 ℃,discharge frequency is less than 3 times monthly . Batteries must be kept with 10% redundant capacity for each system. 2) Installation, charging voltage & method, operation and maintenance should be complied with Ritar specifications, 3) Battery should be timely recharged within 24 Hours after discharge or stocked more than 3 months; The battery string should be equalized charge one time every three months. 4) Supplier should be informed within 14 days after discover the faulty battery, and proof of purchasing date should be provided by buyer. 5) FOV can not be lower than the following list:

Discharge Current
I≤0.1C 0.1C<I≤0.5C 0.5C<I≤1.0C I>1.0C
Final of Voltage 1.8V/cell 1.75V/cell 1.7V/cell 1.6V/cell

NOT COVERED THIS LIMITED WARRANTY: Manufacturer has no obligation to any defects caused by mis-operation listed as follows: * Neglect, such as improper fluid levels (under or over watering), damage from shipping, loose wiring, or rusted or corroded hardware; * Misapplied or improperly sized Battery for the application; * Batteries exposed to excessive heat or very low temperature *Battery date code is destroyed or tampered * Breakage, freezing, explosion, fire, external wreckage, overcharging, overdischarging, undercharging, charging or installing in reverse polarity, improper maintenance, improper
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storage, or addition of any chemical or solution other than approved water; or Failure to properly install the Battery.


To make a claim under this Limited Warranty, please submit a completed “Battery Test Report”, failure battery photos to Ritar. Battery will be eligible for warranty only after RITAR service team verifies the Battery Test Report and determines manufacturing defect is existing by writing.

If necessary, RITAR may request the claimed batteries to be returned to RITAR for inspection and test, if it is determined that any such Batteries do not have a defect, the warranty claim for such Batteries will be denied.

Failed batteries quantity should be counted by both Ritar and customer together or customer needs to provide clear photo showing all failed batteries and production code of failed batteries.

Compensation value of failed batteries should be calculated as = (No.of months of Remaining Warranty) x original FOB Price Warranty Months Or Replacement quantity (pcs) = above Compensation value / original FOB price

During the warranty period, Shenzhen Ritar Power Co. Ltd is responsible for repairing failed batteries or send replacement only for failure caused by manufacturing defective, the replacement will be sent with next new order together. Also Ritar has right to ship back all failed batteries for recycle melting in China.

All rights concerning this warranty reserved by Ritar and arbitration place is China!