2V/93Ah (10hour rate) to 1.80V/cell @25C(77F)
Width: 168mm
Height: 212mm
Length: 305mm

Spec Sheet
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NARADA TT series valve regulated lead-acid batteries are designed with AGM(Absorbent Glass Mat) technology, high-performance plates and electrolyte to gain extra power output for common power backup system applications widely used in the field of communication power, military and broadcast and television system. The TT series batteries are ensured the quality with NARADA’s QA system according to the ISO9001 and ISO14001 standard.


  • Reliable Seal Technology
  • Special Patented grid alloy
  • Excellent high rate discharge performance
  • Low internal resistance AGM separator
  • Flame retardant ABS material container and cover compliant with UL94 V-0
  • Self-regulating pressure relief valve
  • The design float life is 12 years at 68oF(20oC)

Cycle Charge Characteristic