Length: 562mm
Width: 125mm
Height: 320mm

Lead Acid batteries

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LEOCH LiFePO4 battery system is a kind of new high-tech products developed by Leoch Corporation; with many advantages such as integration, miniaturization, lighter and more intelligent centralized control, battery maintenance and management, unmanned operation, convenient cabinet installation, etc.


  • 15 years design life(25o C)
  • Low internal resistance
  • Fast Charging Acceptance
  • Premium ABS+ jar & covers
  • IATA Approved for Air Freight
  • Heat sealed plastic container
  • UL Recognized, IEC Certified
  • Automated COS & TTP welding
  • Flame Retardant to UL94V-0
  • Long Shelf Life up to 2 years @77°F(25°C)
  • High-rate performance, high energy density
  • Virgin pure lead plates / copper alloy terminal inserts
  • Excellent high rate discharge capability for emergency backup power supply
  • High quality AGM separators minimize electrical resistance to allow high current discharging properties.
  • Outstanding high rate charge capability with Thin Plate Pure Lead technology Publication No.: LB-PLC190FT-PD-EN-V1.0-201708

Cycle Charge Characteristic