2V/600 Ah – 15A for 10h to 1.80V/cell
Width: 130mm
Height: 370mm
Length: 186mm

Spec Sheet
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Narada’s ICS series battery designed to provide high cycling and fast charge performance, an idea for telecom service where the power supply is unstable. With innovative structure design, high-quality manufacturing and high-quality material, ICS batteries are also capable of PSoC, hybrid, renewable energy storage application and other cycling/standby applications. ICS series also have true front access terminal and front-access gas collection tubing for fast installation and facilitates maintenance.

Technical Data

  • Extra high cycling and fast charge performance
  • Designed for intensive cycle service where unstable grid power supply or no-grid, such as Telecom BTS, hybrid
    genset, renewable energy storage application
  • Suit for 19″ or 23″ and ETSI power racks/cabinets with front terminal
  • Superb security and reliability, more cost-effective than the nearest equivalent
  • 12 years design float life at 25℃
  • Wide operating temperature range -40℃ to +50℃
  • True front-terminal design
    -Not requiring any additional space between the top of the battery and the next shelf
    -Easy paralleling of 48V strings (on 2 or more shelves) or 2x24V strings on one shelf via cost-effective flexible cables running along the front surface
    -With rotational symmetry not requiring expensive and long cables when long strings are assembled on multiple
  • Easy installation and verification of gas collection tubing via twin front-access gas nipp.
  • Fold-away handles for easy installation and removal from shelves.

Cycle Charge Characteristic