Renewable IOT Systems

Cloudlink – Intelligent Lithium & Inverter integration

CAN bus converter for Hubble Lithium BMS
RS232, CAN Bus, Wifi, Bluetooth functionality Cloud
A.I – Artificial Intelligence Processor
Automatic OTA firmware updates

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Hubble Lithium is proud to be affiliated with RIOT Systems.
RIOT Systems has developed a device that enables the Hubble range of Lithium batteries to have full CAN Bus and Cloud monitoring capability.

The RIOT device is an optional addon to the Hubble X and AM range of products and will allow your Hubble to integrate with almost any CAN bus Inverter including SMA inverters on the market. This is made possible by the RIOT CAN bus protocol, which encapsulates 5 leading CAN bus protocols.

A.I. CAN Bus

Not your ordinary CAN Bus.
The RIOT Cloudlink has its own RIOT Can Bus protocol. This protocol encapsulates 5 different CAN Bus protocols.

When you connect the RIOT device to a CAN Bus enabled Inverter, the RIOT will automatically detect the correct CAN Bus protocol to use through it’s  A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) technology and then enable the best protocol for your inverter.​

Cloud Monitoring

The RIOT connects to the Hubble BMS battery through the BMS RS232 port. This enables the RIOT Cloudlink to interface direct with our BMS and report all statistics and alarms to the cloud for remote monitoring.

Complete battery monitoring over the cloud was a high requirement for our installers that need to monitor their clients batteries offsite to maintain, monitor, troubleshoot and ensure smooth operation of the installation for their clients investment.