12V 102AH / 20 hrs
Height: 215mm
Width: 173mm
Length: 330mm

Spec Sheet
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The E-Guard EFB battery range is a pocket plate flooded lead-acid battery design that has a reserve of electrolyte above the plates eliminating the need to top-up the battery during the design life under normal operating conditions. The construction uses PVC pocket separators, a PVC case and PVC double recombination lid with an incorporated flame arrestor. The battery provides excellent short time discharge rates while at the same time providing good deep cycle performance. A gravity sensitive ball hydrometer provides and an indication of the state of charge of the battery as well as an electrolyte low indication.


◦ High capacity
◦ Long standby life
◦ High rate discharge capability
◦ Built in hydrometer
◦ Good charge acceptance
◦ Good vibration resistant performance
◦ Sulphation resistant technology
◦ Lead calcium-alloy grids for low water usage
◦ Reliable tongue and groove seal design
◦ Terminal post for high current take-off
◦ High standard of design and manufacture

Technical Data

Amps to
1.75 Vpc
to 1.75 Vpc
10 hour10 A17.6 W
5 hour16.5 A31 W
1 hour56.3 A104 W
15 min156 A281 W
10 min192 A342 W
Effect of temperature on
Self-discharge3% per month @ 25°C
Cranking current750A @ -18°C to 8.4 Volts