Length: 198mm
Width: 166mm
Height: 170mm

Spec Sheet
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Discover DL12 Lithium-Ion batteries deliver performance and safety without compromise. DL12 models are made using robust lithium cell chemistries and mechanical designs. Steel Lithium Iron Phosphate cylindrical cells are durable, safe, and powerful and are tested and certified to the highest international (UN, UL and IEC) overcharge, over temperature, short circuit and cell penetration standards.


Efficient & Fast Charging

Discover DL12 batteries are 15% more efficient than lead acid batteries, allowing for reduced charge times and greater utilization of renewable energy sources.

Efficient and Stable Discharge

Deliver > 95% of their capacity at high and stable voltages, increasing equipment performance and reducing motor fatigue.

Partial State of Charge (SOC)

Discover batteries will not suffer negative effects from partial SOC.

Weight Efficient

Systems are 1/3 the weight of their lead-acid battery equivalent.

Battery Management System

Integrated Battery Management System to prevent abuse outside of current, voltage and temperature limits.

Cycle Charge Characteristic