11.5V @ 80% DOD Voltage Cutoff

Length: 500mm
Width: 187mm
Height: 370mm

Spec Sheet
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Discover® Tubular Flooded RE Series Batteries provide superior deep cycling performance and reliability for demanding commercial, industrial and residential applications. Discover® Tubular Flooded RE Series
Batteries utilize Advanced Tubular Plate Technology to deliver long service life with low maintenance requirements. RE Series Batteries provide reliable energy storage for Stationary Backup and Telecom
Networks, Road Surface, and Rail Traffic Signaling Systems, Solar, Wind, and Hybrid Off-grid and Grid-tie renewable energy applications. Discover® Tubular Flooded RE Series batteries provide maximum efficiency
per discharge-charge cycle, and proven reliability in remote, high temperature, or unstable power network installations.


  • Engineered to deliver 80% of rated capacity above 11.5 volts.
  • Tubular positive plates and proprietary alloy compositions to provide a 50% Depth of Discharge cycle life of up to 2500 cycles @ 20°C / 68°F.
  • Low cost per cycle. Lifetime value maximized especially in hybrid systems where using batteries can dramatically reduce generator runtimes delivering lower maintenance and fuel costs and less CO2 emissions.
  • Low maintenance designs, clear case jars and available watering systems to ease electrolyte level maintenance.
  • Complete and ready to install systems, filled and charged with all necessary installation accessories (available Dry Charged).
  • Tested and verified for compliance to applicable International Safety Standards. Built-in Ceramic flame arrestors to guard against ignition risks.
  • IEC 61427 Compliant. Tested for compliance with the International Electrical Commission requirements for battery performance and life in PV applications.

Cycle Charge Characteristic