12V/100Ah (10-hour rate) to 10.8V/cell 77F(25℃)
Width: 171mm
Height: 215mm
Length: 330mm

Spec Sheet
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The rechargeable batteries are lead-lead dioxide systems. The dilute sulfuric acid electrolyte is absorbed by separators and plates and thus immobilized. Should the battery be accidentally overcharged producing hydrogen and oxygen, special one-way valves allow the gases to escape thus avoiding excessive pressure build-up. Otherwise, the battery is completely sealed and is, therefore, maintenance-free, leak-proof and usable in any position.


● Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology for efficient gas recombination of up to 99% and freedom from electrolyte
maintenance or water adding.
● Not restricted for air transport-complies with IATA/ICAO Special Provision A67.
● UL-recognized component.
● Can be mounted in any orientation.
● Computer designed lead, calcium tin alloy grid for high power density.
● Long service life, float or cyclic applications.
● Maintenance-free operation.
● Low self-discharge.


Nominal Voltage12V
Number of cell6
Design Life10 years
Nominal Capacity 77oF(25oC)
10 hour rate (10.0A, 10.8V)100Ah
5 hour rate (16.6A, 10.5V)83Ah
1 hour rate (61A, 9.6V)61Ah
Internal Resistance
Fully Charged battery 77oF(25oC)5.2mOhms
Self-Discharge3% of capacity declined per month at 20oC(average)
Operating Temperature Range
Max. Discharge Current 77oF(25oC)900A(5s)
Short Circuit Current2100A
Charge Methods: Constant Voltage Charge 77oF(25oC)
Cycle use
Maximum charging current30A
Temperature compensation-30mV/oC
Standby use2.23-2.27VPC
Temperature compensation-20mV/oC

Depth of discharge