150Ah / 12V Maximum Charging Current Limited
Height: 310mm
Width: 110mm
Lenght: 549mm
Deep Cycle Battery

Spec Sheet
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Shoto lead-carbon battery has been specially designed for renewable energy application such as solar and wind power storage systems. With premium quality, superior PSoC (partial state of charge) cycle life, better charge acceptability and faster recharge performance.

Grid alloy and structure, active material formula, battery case material and electrolyte compositions are optimized, and products conform to the YD/T799-2010, GB/T22473-2008, IEC61427:2005 and IEC60896-2:2004 standards.

Ideal for PSOC cycle applications and can achieve more than 2600 cycles at 30%~90% PSOC. Super quick charge performance reduces charging time by 50%

Depth Of Discharge