12Volt, 120Ah @ 10 hour rate.

Height: 211mm
Length: 408mm
Width: 172mm

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The better alternative to lead acid, lead and gel batteries, the 6-CNFJ-120 12V/120Ah is the next evolution in battery technology. Lead crystal batteries that have a longer service life (up to 6000 cycles at 20% DOD) and can be discharged more deeply than traditional lead-acid batteries – even to 0 volts!

Compared to mainstream rechargeable industrial batteries, Lead Crystal Batteries always perform better due to their unique characteristics. they can be charged faster, charged below 0 degrees Celsius, discharged deeper (to 0 volt), discharged more often, used in a wider temperature range (-40 to +65) and be stored for 2 years without special handling. They require no special ventilation and cooling and offer the best value for money.

Lead Crystal batteries can be discharged deeper, cycled more often (also in extreme temperatures) and have a longer service life. They recover to full rated capacity over and over again.

A unique micro-porous high absorbent mat (AGM), high-purity lead calcium selenium plates, safe Si02 electrolyte solution solidifies into a white crystalline powder when charged/discharged.

Cleaner and safe
Less acid, no cadmium, no antimony. Lead Crystal batteries are up to 99% recyclable and are classified as non-hazardous goods for transport.

Lead Crystal batteries are being used in telecoms, UPS, petrochem/marine, defence, renewable energy, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation and electric motion (wheelchairs, golf carts and trolleys).

Cycle Charge Characteristic