12V/190Ah (10 hour rate) to 1.80V/cell @25C(77F)
Width: 125mm
Height: 316mm
Length: 558mm

Spec Sheet
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Narada’s HTB-F series battery specially designed for high temperature floating application, an idea for telecom service where the temperature is higher. With CCPP thin plate technique, innovative structure design, high-quality manufacturing and high-quality high-temperature-resistant material, HTB-F batteries have 10 years design life at 35℃. HTB-F series also meet the standard .

Technical Data

  • Excellent deep cycling capability
  • Suitable for continuous operation at temperatures in excess of 35°C
  • Reduced system operating costs
  • 25% of electric power saving
  • Up to 100% air conditioner maintenance saving
  • Up to 100% condensing agent saving
  • 30% CO2 gas emission reduce
  • Less than 1 year payback period depends on the environment

Depth of discharge