12V/175Ah- 17.5 A for 10h to 1.80V/cell
Width: 125mm
Height: 310mm
Length: 546mm

Spec Sheet
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Designed and manufactured with 8 exclusive patented technologies, Narada has created an innovative range of high-temperature batteries. The 313K series is designed to cope with the most extreme temperatures
and environments. The advanced technology and unique manufacturing methods enable 313K batteries to deliver at least twice the cycle life of conventional lead-acid batteries, making them the first choice increasing power demands in remote hybrid telecom sites and other tough off-grid applications.

Technical Data

  • Excellent deep cycling capability
  • Suitable for continuous operation at temperatures in excess of 35°C
  • Reduced system operating costs
  • 25% of electric power saving
  • Up to 100% air conditioner maintenance saving
  • Up to 100% condensing agent saving
  • 30% CO2 gas emission reduce
  • Less than 1 year payback period depends on the environment

Depth of discharge