Installations Warranty


Current Automation will install all goods purchased for your system when quoted and paid for the service. The installation will be to install the power system paid for and to do the basic connection to the client’s DB. AC to feed to the power system and the AC that returns from the power system to feed your dedicated circuit of the House/ building DB. If there is no dedicated circuit Current Automation will spend up to 1 x HRS labour maximum to split wires and create a dedicated circuit of your backup loads. The Current Automation electrician will use his own decision if it will be possible to carry out the work himself or if you will need to contract an electrician to create the Dedicated Circuit. If the Maximum of 1 hour is passed, you will be informed to either pay additional, or contract an Electrician. Current Automation can provide an COC on request of the client to do so at an additional charge of between R 1500 and R3000 depending of System Size, Location or Time duration. If The Client DB, Earthling or wiring is not up to electrical standard it will not be possible to issue the COC until rectified to SANS Electrical Standards.