Battery Rack – STRINGERS

hbh” type standard stringers These are made of cold shaped steel sections. The section have dimensions ranging from 45×55 mm. (1.77”x2.17”). The upper profile of the stringers permits the alignment of the elements during installation of the battery and it also avoids any incidental lateral displacement. The lower slot allows easier longitudinal and transversal pairing of the supports.


“C” type additional stringers
The section has a dimension of 45×40 mm. (1.77”x1.57”) and a flat upper support surface. These stringers can be placed in parallel between the standard pairs if you need to increase the support surfaces and capacity of the rack.
Electrolyte protection and electrical insulation: black polyethylene.
Packing and coding
The stringers are packed into boxes. Each of the four lenghts is packed in 4 or 6 pieces; fastening material are included. Codes are given according to the length and quantity of each box. Example: code n°906 identifies a pack of 6 stringers having a length of 900 mm. Therefore, the first 2 No’s of the code indicates the length, the last one the quantity.